“Intelligent people solve problems, Geniuses, prevent them.”

–Albert Einstein

Be More Positive Enterprises, Inc. develops creative ways to bring solutions to America’s high juvenile delinquency and the increase in crime and violence. We share our solutions in two primary ways: youth development and community engagement.

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(BIG-C is a service of the Be More Positive Company)

Youth engagement

We partner with schools, parents, community organizations, and youth-serving agencies to offer training and programs to help our youth develop the skills to analyze and improve their decision-making, take ownership of their actions, and prepare for a productive future.The foundation for our work in youth development lies in our I Have Willpower Curriculum ©. The curriculum’s teachings give students the knowledge to be better equipped to avoid behaviors that could end their lives or cause them to be incarcerated.

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Community Engagement

Our Community Engagement Summits and Laugh Don’t Shoot comedy shows are our current initiatives to bring awareness to today’s most serious issues.

Community Engagement Summits bring leaders, concerned citizens, and law enforcement together to have serious discussions and introduce resources, programs, and initiatives to make Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness a reality for everyone.

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Laugh Don’t Shoot comedy shows are a unique way to bring a diverse, apolitical, ecumenical group of people together in one place to introduce and reflect on ideas and resources to make society a safer and more fun place to live.

A great way to embrace Laugh Don’t Shoot is to understand that although the Constitution state that we have the right to bare arms, the Declaration of independence states that we also have a right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. We want to make it where one does not infringe on the other.

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