Be More Positive USA is compiled of people from different cultures, religions, and political parties. We all have one main interest, which is to make our cities, communities, and schools safer for everyone. We clearly feel that making our communities safer and more of a fun place to live, it is not about blame, it’s about change. More than finances or material things what we would love more is for you to share and introduce us to like-minded people who are willing to join us by engaging in dialogue that will lead to real action steps to being more positive.

About the Founder:

Bio: Larry D. Veal Sr., Comedian, Author, and Award-Winning Social Entrepreneur,
Larry Veal is the founder of the Be More Positive Company, one that he started in 1996 when he was working as an “Intensive Juvenile Probation Officer, in Fulton County, Georgia.”
The company was initially created to be a sidebar to Veal as he moved up the ranks as a national stand-up comic.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zb7zglM8k6M

However, the unfortunate events that he encountered, such as, his little brother being arrested and sentenced to life without parole, several juveniles from his division losing their lives to violence, and even his co-worker losing his life at the hands of a juvenile. These events thrust Veal, to move the Be More Positive mission to the forefront of his career.” Since then he has authored the “I Have Will Power Curriculum”, one that teaches “tools” designed to promote critical thinking, academic excellence, as well as, social, and emotional intelligence.

His work has been featured on NBC, FOX, and CBS news.

Larry is the 2010 winner of the Gwinnett Unity Award for “Best Minority Nonprofit, and 2006, NAACP “Making a Difference Award.” With regards to PAL, he served as the first key-note speaker for the State of Florida’s Youth Directors Conference in 1999, and regarding comedy his Character, Rev. Charles is an internet sensation with over 2 million hits on YouTube. Above all of this Larry has been married for twenty-eight years and is the proud father of four boys.