Community Engagement

School and College Assemblies
Stand-up comedy

All day workshops and trainings to address effective communication for trouble youth & families.
Professional Development Trainings for mentors, teachers, counselors, and peer leaders

Comedic-Motivational speeches
Group Mentoring Services

Behavior Modification Student Group Mentoring

We provide group mentoring sessions for a cohort of organizations and schools

Parent & Child Focus Group

We provide focus groups sessions for parent and child to discussed pre-approved subject matter and concerns.

Training Mentors to serve High-risk Students

We specialize in serving students in group settings where we document attendance, track progress, and administer assessments.

Group Mentoring for teen Boys/Girls

Parent Workshops

Community Summits

Community Summits are administered in pre-approved locations across America. The overall goals are to introduced new ideas and technology that will serve to bring solutions to crime and violence and gun safety. These are also police-friendly projects that will bring attention to the many important services conducted by police officers and serve as a recruitment and volunteer initiative.